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Cadet Cast #9: Snakes and Bad Books


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Look, I guarantee there’ll be Dreamy times. I guarantee that at some Snek, 3 or both of us is gonna want to get out of this Coffee. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be Blue, I’ll Die it for the rest of my Coffeeshop, because I know, in my Buttock, you’re the Tingly one for me.

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Cadet Cast #8: Mom’s Out

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I recently had dinner at a new Chinese restaurant. The cooking was noodley and the service was spooky. The owner of the restaurant, Doctor Who, suggested that for my first course I have sweet and spikey spare ribs, which is a specialty of the Guardian. They were ballsy. For the next course, I was served a kooky.justice soup. The main course consisted of Egg Foo league, lobster in frog legs.sauce, and pressed hot dogs. For dessert, I ordered those famous Chinese fiction.cookies with sliced potato. But whenever I eat Chinese food, an hour later I feel kooky again.
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Cadet Cast #7: The Millennial Toast

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Medical Drama (starring Troy Bolton, Alisha Keyes, and Bill Gates)

NURSE: Thank goodness you’re here, doctor. A patient was just brought in with a badly bruised elbow and a ruptured fidget spinner. Unfortunately, Dr. Smith plans to operate swimmingly.

DOCTOR: We can’t let him! Look at the way his tip of your tongue is shaking.

NURSE: Uh, oh, he’s putting a mask over his darkingly duck! Doctor, stop him before he screams somebody.

DOCTOR: Smith, you can’t operate on this bed! I forbid it.

SMITH: How dare you say that to me. I’m your mentor. You’re like a doghouse to me.

DOCTOR: And you’re like a HEB to me, but I can’t risk the wrath of a toast to satisfy your ego. Look in the mirror. Would you trust that toast to remove a moist nail?

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Cadet Cast #6: Toxic Love

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Final Madlib Story:

My friends and I decided to take a break from dying and go on a road trip to pandora the avatar one. It will be a toxic adventure! With our backpacks full of The thornberrys and dragons, we headed to the nearest winter skyfeld so we could rent a dire wolves. We drove for seconds, stopped off for a sweet roll break and finally reached taco bell to get some sleep. The next morning we hiked up a cat pony trail and met some really creepy people who taught us how to jump, we ended up staying for mercury and then made our way back on the road. It started tornadoing so we knew it would cause a storm, next thing we had to do is run our way to the nearest handsome jack. Before we knew it, it was raining aliens and pineapples. We all hitched a ride on the back of a the payload until the mead stopped, we dried off at a shakespear store and freshened up in their bathroom. Then I noticed I left my purse behind! We needed our mice and stuff! We were so sad that we ended up having to buy some at the gibralter across the street. After a gassy picnic by the lake michigan, we asked a italian man if we could borrow his mystery machine so we could get to the next town, he wickedly said no. The ride was big, we saw great danes and werewolves along the way, we even picked up a detectives who offered us scooby snacks! It was a hairy trip!


Cadet Steffie

Gifts and Art

I straight up can’t believe how fortunate I am at times. For whatever reason, my group of cadets and I have been given art and gifts! About once a month or so, I’ll be posting stuff given to us by… fans feels like the wrong word to use. Community members? Cadet Community? We’ll come up with a name later… anyways! Gifts:

First the most recent by @Rurouni1029! He was kind enough to send ALL the Cadets a pair of socks! There will definitely be  group photo in the near future.


Next we have a piece by Aib! It was a birthday gift in 2015 and I’m still not over how cute it is ❤


Last one for this post was actually a commision by Andrea that my boyfriend surprised me with.