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Los Angeles

As some may know, this past week was Let’s Play Live. (If not, it’s basically a tour where grown men play video games on a stage. It’s pretty amazing.) Well, at the same time I had to fly to the opposite end to the United States for some family related stuff. It’s one of the those bitter-sweet things. I’m so excited to be here in LA but at the same time a little sad to have to leave work during that time.

I have to say though, the flight here was one of the best I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Not only was I in an exit row with ALL the leg space in the world a shorty like me doesn’t need, but I had NO ONE in my aisle. I was truly blessed by the Flight gods that day.

During some free time, I headed over to the LA Times Festival of Books. I ended up leaving with about 4 books which I should not have done considering I have limited luggage space. Seriously, I didn’t check any bags.

I only saw one panel but it was the whole reason I went. I only follow a few non-work related podcast. One of them is Literary Disco. If you’re a bookworm, I highly recommend it. Anyways, two of the three host were on a panel about pop culture along with a couple of authors.

Tod Goldberg, Simon Roy, Kevin Smokler, and Rider Strong.

There’s a few things in this panel that was brought up that I want to discuss but I want time to properly write out my thoughts before I share them with world. It was pretty damn interesting though and still can’t believe the stars aligned for me to attend.

There was a signing/photo-op right after soooo here’s a pic of me with the 2 of the 3 host from Literary Disco: Tod Goldberg and Rider Strong.


There’s no normal way to say this without sounding self-centered or weird but as a person who has spent the last two years taking photos and signing autographs for fans/community members, I thought I would be better handling meeting folks I admire. Nope, I was a babbling fool.

I feel like this blog is just going to prove that I’m a boring yet pretty self-centered person. I just like books, not being around people, and still can’t talk to people I admire.

Welp. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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