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Cadet Cast #7: The Millennial Toast

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Medical Drama (starring Troy Bolton, Alisha Keyes, and Bill Gates)

NURSE: Thank goodness you’re here, doctor. A patient was just brought in with a badly bruised elbow and a ruptured fidget spinner. Unfortunately, Dr. Smith plans to operate swimmingly.

DOCTOR: We can’t let him! Look at the way his tip of your tongue is shaking.

NURSE: Uh, oh, he’s putting a mask over his darkingly duck! Doctor, stop him before he screams somebody.

DOCTOR: Smith, you can’t operate on this bed! I forbid it.

SMITH: How dare you say that to me. I’m your mentor. You’re like a doghouse to me.

DOCTOR: And you’re like a HEB to me, but I can’t risk the wrath of a toast to satisfy your ego. Look in the mirror. Would you trust that toast to remove a moist nail?


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