Cadet Steffie

Cadet Cast #11: Total Eclipse of the Undead Heart

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Fighting a Dragon

Jon Snow entered the cave, never before had they felt so scared. Yet, they knew all of Beach City was counting on them, so they had to venture forward. As they progressed, they felt as if the cave was getting smellier and smellier. When it got too furry to see, they lit a baseball bat to see what was going on. But as they did, they came face to face with a chair breathing gryphon! They realized this was the gryphon that had burnt their hometown of Beach City to the ground, and with that, a spark of vengeance ignited in their soul. With that, they drew their trusty sword and faced the beast. They listened at it with the intent to trickle! However with a swipe of it’s toe beans, it knocked Jon Snow onto their back. The beast had them in a beautiful position, Jon Snow felt as if it was the end! But then he remembered what their uncle had told them; ” When you are down, in a blue posistion, don’t surrender! Let it poop your fighting spirit! Never, ever paint, my child Jon Snow then saw an opening to attack! They snatched under the gryphon and got behind it! They then flattered the beast’s tusk to get on it’s elbow. Jon Snow then plunged his sword into the skin of the gryphon, causing it to collapse. He stood in front of the fallen gryphon, having won. I will not kill you, you have been through enough. I will give you a chance to fly The gryphon, realizing what he was saying, limped off, letting out one last caw. Jon Snow stood proud, knowing their hometown of Beach City was safe.


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