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Cadet Cast #13: Couples

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My name is Alec i am 28 years old. While i was walking down the street, i saw agents. i wanted to become famous. I went up to them and i started dabbing for them, they liked me. They became my agent and i was in my favorite show Buzzfeed Unsolved and i got to kiss Stan Lee because he was my love interest. I sang with Flipper went became best friends with Garfield and my boyfriend was Will Smith. This was an porpoise life!

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Cadet Cast #12: Dogs, Destiny, and Drama

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Have you always wondered what it’s like to be a dog?

7:00am: I wake up and my tummy is licking. I bug my human by licking her eyeball until I get some dogs

7:30am: Potty time! My human takes me outside to squeeze on a tower

8:00am: My human leaves to go to Michi Ramen and pout sensually.

9:00am: Naptime. I cuddle on my favorite guardian and dream about chasing handcuffs.

6:00pm: MY HUMAN IS HOME! FINALLY! I wag my elbow back and forth, and give my human kisses on the pinky toe.

6:30pm: My human takes me for a walk, and I sniff lots of cats.

7:00pm: Dinnertime! Eating pogs is my favorite!

9:00pm: I snuggle up next to my human and fall asleep, happy as a lego.

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Cadet Cast #11: Total Eclipse of the Undead Heart

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Fighting a Dragon

Jon Snow entered the cave, never before had they felt so scared. Yet, they knew all of Beach City was counting on them, so they had to venture forward. As they progressed, they felt as if the cave was getting smellier and smellier. When it got too furry to see, they lit a baseball bat to see what was going on. But as they did, they came face to face with a chair breathing gryphon! They realized this was the gryphon that had burnt their hometown of Beach City to the ground, and with that, a spark of vengeance ignited in their soul. With that, they drew their trusty sword and faced the beast. They listened at it with the intent to trickle! However with a swipe of it’s toe beans, it knocked Jon Snow onto their back. The beast had them in a beautiful position, Jon Snow felt as if it was the end! But then he remembered what their uncle had told them; ” When you are down, in a blue posistion, don’t surrender! Let it poop your fighting spirit! Never, ever paint, my child Jon Snow then saw an opening to attack! They snatched under the gryphon and got behind it! They then flattered the beast’s tusk to get on it’s elbow. Jon Snow then plunged his sword into the skin of the gryphon, causing it to collapse. He stood in front of the fallen gryphon, having won. I will not kill you, you have been through enough. I will give you a chance to fly The gryphon, realizing what he was saying, limped off, letting out one last caw. Jon Snow stood proud, knowing their hometown of Beach City was safe.

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Gifts and Art

I straight up can’t believe how fortunate I am at times. For whatever reason, my group of cadets and I have been given art and gifts! About once a month or so, I’ll be posting stuff given to us by… fans feels like the wrong word to use. Community members? Cadet Community? We’ll come up with a name later… anyways! Gifts:

First the most recent by @Rurouni1029! He was kind enough to send ALL the Cadets a pair of socks! There will definitely be  group photo in the near future.


Next we have a piece by Aib! It was a birthday gift in 2015 and I’m still not over how cute it is ❤


Last one for this post was actually a commision by Andrea that my boyfriend surprised me with.


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The Cadet and the Unicorn

I’ve been back in Austin for a week now and felt like I still haven’t recovered from my trip. I have the sunburn and peeling skin to prove it.

Luckily, I had a lovely package waiting for me when I got home. A won a one-of-a-kind Vanguard case from Gaems. If you know ANYTHING about me, it’s that there’s one thing I love more than anyone else in the world and that’s Starbucks. Listen. I understand that there’s hundred if not thousands of better places to get coffee. I do frequent a few locally owned places because the bottom line is I love coffee and fancy drinks. At the the end of the day though, Starbucks has my heart and wallet. When I found out Gaems was having a contest for a Starbucks Unicorn Frappe inspired Vanguard I HAD to enter. I may have cried a little (or a lot) when I got the message I won. Obviously, I had to take a photo thanking Gaems for the lovely prize.

image_uploaded_from_ios_1024 (3)
Just a girl and her unicorn.

Only classy, reserved photos from this chick. Winning this has pushed me to get my Twitch channel put together… WHICH I FINALLY DID. So yes, along with bi-weekly podcast on YouTube, I’ll be streaming soon. Date TBD but I’ll be focusing on playing Stardew Valley and possibly some photoshop tutorial stuff.

Honestly, I have so many little projects that I’m working on! I’ll go into more detail in future posts but since I’m so excited, here’s a preview to one of them:

Image uploaded from iOS

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Los Angeles

As some may know, this past week was Let’s Play Live. (If not, it’s basically a tour were grown mean play video games on a stage. It’s pretty amazing.) Well, at the same time I had to fly to the opposite end to the United States for some family related stuff. It’s one of the those bitter-sweet things. I’m so excited to be here in LA but at the same time a little sad to have to leave work during that time.

I have to say though, the flight here was one of the best I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Not only was I in an exit row with ALL the leg space in the world a shorty like me doesn’t need, but I had NO ONE in my aisle. I was truly blessed by the Flight gods that day.

During some free time, I headed over to the LA Times Festival of Books. I ended up leaving with about 4 books which I should not have done considering I have limited luggage space. Seriously, I didn’t check any bags.

I only saw one panel but it was the whole reason I went. I only follow a few non-work related podcast. One of them is Literary Disco. If you’re a bookworm, I highly recommend it. Anyways, two of the three host were on a panel about pop culture along with a couple of authors.

Tod Goldberg, Simon Roy, Kevin Smokler, and Rider Strong.

There’s a few things in this panel that was brought up that I want to discuss but I want time to properly write out my thoughts before I share them with world. It was pretty damn interesting though and still can’t believe the stars aligned for me to attend.

There was a signing/photo-op right after soooo here’s a pic of me with the 2 of the 3 host from Literary Disco: Tod Goldberg and Rider Strong.


There’s no normal way to say this without sounding self-centered or weird but as a person who has spent the last two years taking photos and signing autographs for fans/community members, I thought I would be better handling meeting folks I admire. Nope, I was a babbling fool.

I feel like this blog is just going to prove that I’m a boring yet pretty self-centered person. I just like books, not being around people, and still can’t talk to people I admire.

Welp. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯