Finding Waldo

I want to own every Where’s Waldo book there is across the world. Here’s my progress so far.  3/34 (Location bought in parentheses.)

  • Afrikaans: Willie
  • Arabic: فضولي (Fodhouli)
  • Bulgarian: Уоли (Uoli)
  • Catalan: Wally
  • Chinese: 威利
  • Croatian: Jura
  • Czech: Valdík
  • Danish: Holger
  • Dutch: Wally
  • English: Wally (London, England)
  • Estonian: Volli
  • Finnish: Vallu
  • French: Charlie
  • German: Walter
  • Greek: Γουόλι (Gouόli)
  • Hebrew: אפי (Efi)
  • Hindi: हेट्टी (Hetti)
  • Hungarian: Vili
  • Icelandic: Valli
  • Italian: Ubaldo, Wally
  • Japanese: ウォーリー (Wōrī)
  • Korean: 월리 (Wolli)
  • Lithuanian: Valdas
  • North American English: Waldo (Austin, TX, USA)
  • Norwegian: Willy
  • Polish: Wally
  • Portuguese: Wally
  • Russian: Уолли (Uolli)
  • Serbian: Гиле (Gile)
  • Spanish: Wally  (Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Swedish: Valle, Hugo
  • Turkish: Ali, Gezgin Veli
  • Vietnamese: Văn Lang
  • Welsh: Wali

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